e-tool is an
E-green srl, an innovative start-up, project.
Born and designed by
its two founders’ vision,
Massimiliano Ascolillo and
Luca Cavoli, whom with a 4.0 view
have created the first
completely connected
to iOS and Android

city-bike in the whole world.

Not just a means of transportation, but also a tool made to digitally share and to break down distances, when and wherever you want. A proper “device” connected to its city.
This way the “city” itself can communicate and share its proposals and discounts, becoming SMARTer, always more and more on par with OIT (Internet Of Thing) parameters in this era of digital communication.

To breathe new life into
town centres, to promote
the citizen
into a closer relationship
with the local commerce,
to digitize
the market,
these are our objectives.

The constant connection comes from:

  • Owner’s QR code paired with the smartphone
  • Geolocation and notifications for offers from the affiliated shops (with a radius of 10mt)
  • Gain of shopping points according to the kms travelled and access to discounts via QR Code
  • Anti-theft system with geolocation
  • Hearth rate tracker
  • Automatic Alert Angel in case of accidents

e-tool comes with a virtuous instalment plan called PPMS (the more you cycle the less you spend) the system which allows you to pay your e-tool less the more you use it, granting you a simplified access to the world connection 4.0.


  • Improves your safety
  • Improves your health
  • Improves the environment
  • Always keeps you up to speed with your city’s proposals
  • Makes you save on your purchases and beyond that, it helps to make your city’s commerce more lively